The vision of JISRA is to be the leading accreditation system participated by the industry accreditors to prepare the students for the actual world of work. It aims to help schools solve the skills gap and make their graduates employable by the companies. In doing so, it also helps the companies’ talent needs by providing graduates with the required knowledge and skills.

About the accreditation

Japanese Industry Standards Review and Accreditation (JISRA) is an accreditation for schools to improve the quality of their graduates so that they will be job-ready after graduation. Schools that will be accredited can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. benchmarking in select Japanese companies; 
  2. gain knowledge of the skills needed by Japanese companies;
  3. assistance with possible student internship in Japan; 
  4. priority in the recruitment and selection for manpower requirements of the Japanese companies; and
  5. assistance with teacher exposure in line with their field of expertise.

Accreditation Stages and Process

The accreditation system has 3 stages: preliminary visit, accreditation visit, and re-accreditation visit.

Stage 1 – Preliminary Visit
During the preliminary visit, the school representatives will visit Japan for the orientation of the accreditation process and a meet and greet with a company related to the program for accreditation. The school will receive a certificate of recognition after the 1-day visit. 

The school can take advantage of the preliminary visit for teacher exposure. With this option,  there will be additional 2 days for exposure in companies related to the program for accreditation which can also serve as a benchmarking. The teacher will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the exposure.

Stage 2 – Accreditation Visit
The accreditors from the identified company in Japan will visit the school for the actual accreditation which takes 2 days. The visit’s result may be PASSED, CONDITIONAL PASS, or FAILED. 

Stage 3 – Re-accreditation Visit
Re-accreditation will depend on the results of the accreditation visit. Schools that passed may apply for re-accreditation after 2 years. The school must apply for re-accreditation after a year for a conditional pass. Those that failed may apply once they are ready but not to exceed 2 years from the date of the preliminary visit.  A school that completed the preliminary visit but did not submit to accreditation within 2 years shall be required to repeat the preliminary visit.

Organizations behind JISRA

JISRA is a collaboration between Career Fit Group (CFG) – International with headquarters in Sapporo, Japan, and EFAM Training Consultancy Services (EFAM Training) in Bulacan, Philippines. 

Guided by its motto, CFG-International aims to recruit foreign workers to help improve their lives by providing them with decent jobs in Japan. It is in the same mission that EFAM Training Consultancy Services proposed the idea of school accreditation and faculty exposure to prepare the students for possible employment in Japan after graduation since language and culture should be learned prior to working in Japan.

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