Why apply for the SHS Online Immersion with EFAM?

  • You will not have a hard time looking for an immersion site
  • We will train you in the various fields on the set schedule for 80 hours
  • You will experience the actual industry virtually
  • We have experts in the fields of Marketing, HR, Architecture, IT, and the Nihongo language
  • You will develop the technical and soft skills needed by the industry
  • You will follow the standards, policies, and practices of the industry
  • We are in close coordination with your school in terms of school requirements for immersion
  • Gain an e-certificate at the end of the immersion
  • Trainers can become your character reference in your resume (depends on the student performance)

Different immersion options


1. Architectural Design Training

  • Best for GAS, STEM, and all students who want to learn 3D modeling, those who intend to become an Architect or Engineer, and those interested to learn building designs
  • Highlight: create different 3D designs using the identified modeling application considering the given scenarios

2. HR Recruitment & Selection Training

  • Best for all students who want to understand how employees are hired, the operations of a Human Resources office, and those who intend to understand if they are on the right path in their chosen career especially if you would like to take Science, Management, Business or Social Science-related programs
  • Highlight: learn how the companies select their employees through applicant profiling and matching, resume creation, and job interview

3. Social Media Marketing – Local

  • Best for ABM, GAS, STEM, and all students who want to become an entrepreneur, learn how to manage a business, and create promotional materials
  • Highlight: engage in the actual operations of EFAM and experience doing lead generation, promotional materials, simple market research, promotions, and handling of inquiries


1. IT Immersion

  • Best for all students who are interested in learning web design and development
  • Highlight: learn web design and the basics of WordPress following the standards of international firms

2. Nihongo Online

  • Best for all students who are interested in learning the language and culture, like to watch anime, or will travel to Japan
  • Highlight: learn the language and culture of Japan, read and write Hiragana and Katakana, and apply it in your daily life

3. Social Media Marketing – International

  • Best for students who want to learn the operations of an international organization, manage an FB page, create posters and videos, and communicate with different clients
  • Highlight: be part of the international organizations and help them manage their FB page by creating content such as posters and videos
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